Concrete supply

The company has been operating in the field for years, guaranteeing the high quality of the production and the punctuality of every required delivery.

The company has Plant for the processing of quarry rubble inert by crushing connected with the prepackaged concrete production plant. Different kinds of inerts such as sand, grit, gravel, tout venant (run-of-mine ) of high quality are produced to suit the common and special uses of the construction industry.

The company also has a quarry called “Cava Rialdo” in the municipality of Riparbella (PI) for the extraction of ophiolitic material;
the extracted material is then processed in the crushing plant in various sizes such as stone blocks used in claddings, bank and slope protection, gravel, tout venant (run-of-mine) and stone chippings of various sizes used in road, highway and railway embankment.

The company provides guaranteed concretes, special concrete according to the most advanced technology, in compliance with the parameters and constraints imposed by the current regulations.